My name is Jim Leach and this is my blog. I’m from the North of England, but I live and work in Atlanta, Georgia. I love being outdoors, travelling, playing the drums, reading, and learning new things. I also enjoy photography and you can see some of my photos on my flickr.

I originally studied chemistry, but life as a chemist wasn’t for me. I got a job in tech and found my love of data. I was lucky to share this passion with my first boss who helped me find books, blogs, and resources to improve my skills. I enjoyed learning so much that after a few years I decided to take a sabbatical and study for a masters in data science at Imperial College, London.

I now work as a commerical data scientist and manager: I apply scientific rigour to identify and quantify business opportunities using data, and lead others to do the same. My analytical mindset; technical aptitude; tenacity and drive, and communication and leadership skills enable me to use data to find and communicate answers to interesting questions, and to empower others to do so, too.

If you’re interested, this site was built using the blogdown package for R and RMarkdown. It’s processed with Hugo and hosted with Netlify. The source for this site is saved on GitHub and the site is deployed continuously from there. You can also find some the other projects I’ve worked on on GitHub.


I’m on twitter and can be found on LinkedIn. You can also email me.